Hooks mainly used to provide state, lifecycle methods and all other features in functional component that we generally get in a class component. But also makes it easier to apply.

Where to use

Hooks are mainly used in react functional components. Because functional components are stateless and hooks provide us…

The spread operator is awesome. It can do so much — it’s efficient, readable, and can save a whole load of mess. I have used this many times.

After release of ES6 and the Babel, writing JavaScript has become incredibly dynamic, from new language syntax to custom parsing like JSX…

CSS selectors are the ways by which we select the HTML elements and style them. These HTML elements may be either single or in groups, either adjacent or in different places.

These selectors are basically divided into 4 categories:

  1. Simple Selectors

2. Combinators Selectors

3. pseudo-class

4. pseudo-element

Simple Selectors…

Pooja Daharwal

UI Developer @HCL Technologies

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